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What are Load Bank Tests and why you should get them?

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Important Information Regarding Load Bank Tests

Ontario Guidelines and CSA Compliant state that a Load Bank Test should be done on Generators.

On startup, a generator should go through 4-hour load bank test.

2 Hour Load Bank Test should be done for your emergency power backup generator annualy.

What is a Load Bank Test?

A generator load bank test includes an assessment of a Genset. It checks that every essential segment of the generator set is in legitimate working conditions. The hardware used to direct a load bank test produces counterfeit loads on the generator by carrying the motor to a suitable working temperature and weight level. This is particularly significant for backup and crisis generator sets that don’t run regularly or potentially may not be presented to conveying overwhelming loads consistently. The general standard is – if your generator isn’t presented to higher than 30% of its evaluated kW load then you ought to consider a load test. The Load Bank Test should only be conducted by authorized personell. AVR Generators are fully qualified professionals to perform Load Bank Tests on your residential or commercial power backup.

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